1. Save Our Love
    Escape From New York

  2. Meditations For Synthesiser + Mbira Nyunga Nyunga (With Kevin Nathaniel)

  3. Never Gonna Give You Up (Jura Soundsystem Special Version)

  4. What Does It Take (Feat Leon Ware)

  5. Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)
    Brian Bennett

  6. II
    Ambient Warrior

  7. Jura Soundsystem Presents Transmission Three
    Various Artists

  8. Jura Soundsystem Presents Transmission One
    Various Artists

  9. Ain't Nobody
    Yvonne Archer

  10. Careless Whisper
    Melody Beecher

  11. Mister Wong
    Bella Vista

  12. Careless Whisper (Extended Versions)
    Melody Beecher

  13. Movie Star
    Melody Beecher

  14. Postcards (2023 Edition)
    The Kyoto Connection

  15. Lost Horizons
    Instant House

  16. Fire In My Heart
    Escape From New York

  17. Return to the Island
    Jura Soundsystem

  18. Voaria

  19. The Voice Of Q

  20. Strange Ways / Inside Jungle

  21. Peace & Harmony
    Harry Mosco

  22. The Flower, the Bird and the Mountain
    The Kyoto Connection

  23. Hot Rock
    House Of Assembly

  24. Exit
    Fire Flight

  25. Instrumental Dubs #1
    Various Artists

  26. Greekie (My Island I Will Never Forget)
    Ronnie Lion

  27. Dub Journey's
    Ambient Warrior

  28. No Follow Bad Company / Duke Street
    The Pearls

  29. Monster Skies EP
    Jura Soundsystem

  30. Every Brother Ain't A Brother

  31. You've Gone
    Bassline Featuring Lorraine Chambers

  32. Groovy Beat
    The Pearls

  33. Pretty Face
    Stinger J

  34. On & On
    The Pearls

  35. Champagne In Mozambique
    Ingleton Falls

  36. With You EP
    Jura Soundsystem

  37. Tales From Jura
    Various Artists

  38. It's Never Too Hot

  39. Jura Soundsystem Presents Transmission Two
    Various Artists

  40. The Voice Of Q (7" Mixes)

  41. In The Senses

  42. Dear Adrian / Udaberri Blues
    Jura Soundsystem

  43. Anambra

  44. Walk On Air
    Holy Ghost Inc


Isle Of Jura Adelaide, Australia


Isle Of Jura is a record label from Kevin Griffiths (Jura Soundsystem) focusing on reissues of lost musical gems, a sub label Temples Of Jura caters for original artist material. The labels have an eclectic approach to musical output with Vinyl distributed worldwide by Rush Hour. ... more

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